Our relationship with you, the parents and carers of the children, is especially important to us here at Tangent House Day Nursery; after all you are your child’s first and most important teacher.

We believe that children benefit greatly when practitioners and parents work together to provide them with the best possible outcomes in their earliest years, which is why we more than welcome your ideas, information and thoughts about the best ways to move forward with your child.

Our App

We have introduced an on-line app allowing instant updates and messaging (both to and from parents/carers.

The system facilitates direct on-line parent communication, activity logging and informative learning journals, amongst other things.

The nursery works in partnership with parents/carers to settle the child into the nursery environment, and arrangements will be made for pre visits. These ‘settling in sessions’ are complimentary upon registration, and enable your child to familiarise him/herself with the staff and other children in the room and adapt to their new surroundings. At least one parent/carer is encouraged to stay with their child for the first pre-visit which lasts approximately one hour. The second visit is usually around 2 hours long and is normally without the parent/carer present.

We request periodic updates through our ‘All About Me Update’; where you provide us with any updated information about your child and new things in their life. Far from being an inconvenience, we see this as a way of ensuring that you have an input into your child’s learning and development. Furthermore, any other significant information that is passed on daily, weekly or monthly will be logged in the child’s learning journey record.

You will also receive daily feedback informing you of everything that you need to know at the end of each session. In our pre-school room (3-5’s) some feedback will be verbal unless otherwise requested. We feel that to support independence the pre-school children should be encouraged to talk about their day with their parents and carers. You will know everything your child has experienced, from the nappy changes and sleep they have had, to the food they have eaten and activities they have enjoyed throughout their session. Your key person will also suggest ways in which you can continue your child’s learning at home.

In addition to our on-line system and daily feedback, we keep in continuous communication with our parents/carers through regular newsletters, telephone calls, letters home, stay and play sessions and bi-annual parent’s evenings.

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